Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hawaiian Inspiration

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Mr. Southern and I spent the evening engrossed in The Bachelor Tuesday evening. Far too many commercials to watch it live, so we catch up sometime afterwards. We were both (OK, mostly I was) eagerly awaiting the rose ceremony, "the most dramatic one yet" to be sure, and see which poor guy Jillian would kick off the island... though we both predicted the outcome correctly. (Side note: I watch Ice Road Truckers and The Deadliest Catch with him, so it's all good).

I've been in a tropical mood of late and given that Mr. Southern and I have our belated honeymoon coming up in Hawaii, I thought it would be fun to look as some Hawaiian decor and Pacific-inspired style.  Looking through design firms and local home listings, I'm not sure that the styles I selected are "typical Hawaii."  But these are the ones I fell for!

First up, and the most selections, from Pacific Home Studio.  Designer Jamie Jackson Smith hails from the East Coast and I think you see that in her style.  A hint of Hamptons/Nantucket design.  These are ideas I could easily incorporate into my home.

custom home, kauai
custom home, kauai

 Designers + Designing, Jamie Smith Jackson

Designers + Designing, Jamie Smith Jacksonheyer residence

waikiki penthouse

waikiki penthouse

hunter home
hunter home

via Hawaiian Style Magazine (Jamie Smith Jackson) and Pacific Home Studio

Another modern/transitional view- I love the pale blue wall in the background with the dark wood and white upholstery chairs.
natural selections

I adore the vaulted ceiling with grasscloth(?) in the next one.  This room definitely reflects more Asian influence.

Next, a great shot of  recovered chairs with Hawaiian fauna in the backdrop.  

These last are back to more Asian/modern with crisp lines and lots of warm wood.  Check out the view and location from the second bedroom.  Can you imagine!!  Who cares what the rest of the house looked like with that room.
last three via Own by Design

I'm quite confident you'll see a few more Hawaii posts as we continue to plan the trip... and of course, from our vacation there!  Would love to hear any suggestions you might have.



  1. I am drooling over the bedroom with the pink walls! That fluffy delicious and a haven for comfort!

    Lucky girl to go to Hawaii. On my list of must visit, and I hope we do it soon!

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing all this inspiration and adding one of Design Savvy's spaces! I created a large database of interiors and I have quite a few tropical styled ones you might like. is the site and just choose tropical under style. Enjoy!

  3. Rachel- that is so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. What a dream trip! From Florida, Hawaii is a lo-ong flight.


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