Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty Little Vessels- more glass upcycling

If you can't do the wine bottle thing (previous post), how about old glass bottles? I have a collection that my aunt dug up in an old foundation on my grandparent's farm. In addition to the bottles being great vessels for flowers, I love having the connection.

Ideally, I would have put flowers in these, but all are drenched from our rainstorms.

By no means is this a novel concept, but I hope these images bring a bit of loveliness and inspiration to your day! And perhaps they're pictures you've not seen before?

Country Living via Love My Earth
OK, these are new (not repurposed), but still pretty!

Decorative Glass Bottle

Love the pop of color on these (and note the orange and pink!)...

A softer, more subdued arrangement... very romantic.

Phoebe Howard

A friendly, cute grouping.

A beachy twist...
a great DIY project from The Blessed Nest


LOVE the orange in these.

via Shelterrific A little fussier, but nice nonetheless.

Glowing Glasses

And we'll end with more bright fun!
Cluster of milk bottles containing flowers on a table


- Emmie


  1. i did enjoy, all of these flowers are so gorgeous and the charming glass adds a special touch!

  2. Now your talking! I love old glass pretty and each one is so different!

  3. :-) Yay! Mel, thought you might like this better!

  4. What gorgeous arrangements. I need to go antiquing asap!

  5. I love a collection of small vases or vessels! I especially like the two pictures by Country Living: the blue one attached to the (cabinet?) door and the different coloured vessels on the window sill.

  6. This is a fantastic photo collection! And you're really lukcy to have your own vintage bottles!


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