Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Tropical Safari: Manuel Canova's Bengale in Paprika

Manuel Canovas Tapete Design Bengale

StyleRedux recently did a fabulous post on the combination of pink and orange. One of the things I loved most were all the pink and orange combos found in nature. However, my absolute most favorite was the Manuel Canova fabric she highlighted- Bengale in Paprika.

The pattern is available both as a wallpaper or a fabric... I'm considering recovering one of my "antique" chairs from my grandmother in this. I adore the color combination and LOVE the elephant in it (too many shots of the pattern show the lion... I'm much more impressed with the elephant).

I've found a few examples of the fabric out there...

Homes and Gardens May 2009 via NenaghGal


So, do you think I could pull this off in an entire armchair?

Thorigny, via French-Brand

via Veranda



last two images via Complete Home

Or, I could always frame it.

via Homes and Property



  1. I think the chair in this stunning fabric would be absolute decadence! And if you decide to do it...I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Do the chair, the fabric probably costs billions so just the chair for now. Plus you have to buy enough fabric to get your elephant front and center on it.

  3. Beautiful orange and pink inspiration. I think that fabric would look lovely on the chair.

  4. I love the ones from Complete Home... If you're not sure about a whole armchair, you could make a pillow or two or three? Then you'd get to use more than one fabric, too. The framing idea is great!

  5. I not sure which one is my favorite, love the framed wallpaper. Pink and orange are colors I am using a lot lately.

  6. Yes, their work is beautiful... I just scored a ton of it for comparativly next to nothing on line for a couple of upholstery chairs - the Hostess' version of winning the Super Bowl!!!

  7. So many stunning prints. Love the pink and orange cushions!!

  8. As you know, love love pink and orange!

  9. Oh, I love this color combo and think it would look fabulous on the chair you mentioned! You have a great blog and I am glad I stumbled upon it! I look forward to coming back! Take care, Caroline

  10. Oh yes! An armchair would be fantastic! I've always loved this color combination and it's just stunning in this print.

  11. I seriously adore the room found via Veranda; I love the color!

    La C.

  12. love pink and orange, love love love it more than candy :)

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