Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Foodie Night: A Sort-of Supper Club at M&T's

As Garden and Gun, the Wall Street Journal (I think?), CNN, and everybody else has reported, Secret Supper Clubs are back and better than ever.  Underground dining has been around since the late 1800s... and I daresay a more valued invitation than one to those secret societies at any good University (and yes, I'm saying that in part because I was never invited to join one at UVA.... but also because these secret societies involve great food. And drink.)  I especially appreciate the phrase, "collaborative dining."

While I've managed to receive a few elusive invites, I've never been able to attend an event.  I got sort-of (ok, not really) close last night.  Muss & Turners, a nearby deli/restaurant/wine bar, held a local dinner featuring food from Riverview Farms.  Admittedly, I thought I was signing up for Chef Ryan's Staplehouse dinner (I think I'm on all their mailing lists, and it's easy to get confused).  Ah well.
About Riverview... the farm is a family-owned, certified organic, and sustainable operation just north of Atlanta (near our camping/cabin getaway in Ellijay).  The raise cows (I'm guessing steer actually, but enough semantics) and Berkshire pigs and grow a plethora of fruit of vegetables.  

Of course, hearing the title "Riverview Farms Tomato and Corn Dinner," I had grandiose visions in my head of an outdoor, secret but beautiful location and making best friends before the night was over.  

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While we did have some lovely conversation over a long table, it was indoors.  And it certainly wasn't secret- I think Muss and Turner were happy to take as many participants as they could get.

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While perhaps the evening didn't (and couldn't) measure up to my romanticized vision, the food was quite good- and more memorable than our first dining experience with them- Valentine's Day a few years ago.  So we'll return for dinner- and not just stop in for the huge, fantastic sandwiches offered at lunchtime (their pulled pork BBQ is the best ever).

Have you made it to a Secret Supper Club?  Better yet, want to start one? ;-)

CLARIFICATION: Want to make a quick clarification after reading some of the comments below!  We had a fabulous time- the food was great, the company was great... all in all, a lovely evening.  It is just that the idea of of dining in a not-so-traditional spot, under trees and stars, and making new friends, and enjoying great food and wine... is there anything much better than that? 



  1. I must be the last one to hear of these Secret Supper Clubs, so I had to go to CNN's website before I could leave a comment here. It sounds like so much fun! It's probably a good thing that your first experience was less than you expected. That way, it can only get better. Cheers!

  2. It's not secret but sociable: Our neighborhood has socials from time to time. Local restaurants host inexpensive cocktail hours with discounted dinner afterward. Not so much about food. It's good for the neighborhood and for the restaurants - familiar folks in nearby places that I don't visit very often.

  3. LOVE this concept of the 'underground' dining clubs...and have yet to indulge. Maybe I should just keep the romantic thoughts of how incredible it would be in my mind and not try to find one...I really don't like disappointment especially when it comes to food! :)

  4. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog today!! Toby sends his regards!! Cheers to you from Alaska!!

  5. Looks amazing.... Such a fabulous change from the norm!! x


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