Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th and Peachtree Road Race Update


Hope everyone is having a fantastic Fourth of July.  Mr. Southern and I finished the Peachtree is pretty decent time, especially considering the longest distance we've run in recent months has been 3 miles.  Since I didn't strap my webcam to my head, I am completely stealing pictures to show you some of the highlights.  There is nothing better to get you into the Fourth of July spirit than a little run down Peachtree.  I invite y'all to come next year!

First, thanks to Moe's for being loud and crazy.  We count on you every year.  Though I'm not sure why so many people risked their lives to grab one of your t-shirts.

Peachtree 2009 032

And of course the Holy Water from St. Phillips.  If you missed the hydrant-turned sprinkler, or were in need of some Holy Water, St. Philips has you covered.

Peachtree 2009 038

Chick-fil-A- you do your city proud.  Loved the Cows. And I believe you were the ones playing Springsteen's Born in the USA.  Love it.

Peachtree 2009 049
Norfolk Southern was one I didn't remember in the past- great sign (We think you can... We think you can....We think you can....We know You Can!) and fun bluegrass music.

And to whoever was playing Overture of 1812 and Neil Diamond's Coming to America- thank you!

Whole lotta love for Crystal Springs water, Coke, and Blue Bell for the after-race treats!

Peachtree 2009 057

And of course, the Waffle House.  Their t-shirts for the race this year said, "We Run So We Can Eat."  I get it now.  I enjoyed my waffle. :-)


  1. I love Bluegrass! Looks like a fun day. Happy fourth!

  2. That's awesome, maybe I will have to join you some year!

  3. Daughters #1 and #2 ran. Ice cream sandwiches after the race? That thought that was pretty good. I personally try to avoid exercise at all times. July 4th is a great day to be an Atlantan.

  4. It must feel so great to have completed this race (again!). Congrats!

  5. Great post! Love the Holy Water pic. :-) My husband and son ran this together soooo many years...boy, this brings back memories! This was definitely the coolest year I remember for it. :-) Susan

  6. Congrats! I personally don't run - I tend to complete in Leisurely Strolls - but am impressed with those who do!

  7. congrats on running the peachtree it seems like a great way to spend the holiday.


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